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Project demonstration of an automatic HIerarchical TExt Categorizer

Developed by György Biró and Domonkos Tikk, ©2001-2004

HITEC is a software package for very high accuracy automatic text categorization . The engine of HITEC is the implementation of UFEX (Universal Feature EXtractor) for textual documents. UFEX is a very sophisticated learning method that ensures the outstanding categorizing performance of HITEC, hence HITEC outperforms its competitors in case of all investigated document collections.
(For further details, read the white paper).

HITEC applies supervised learning method, that is it learns based on training data (learning phaase), and is able to classify new documents to known categories (operational phase). Obviously, the performace of categorization strongly depends on the quality of training data. For efficient training HITEC requires - fixed category system (usually ordered in hierarchy); during the operational phase the new, ``unknown'' documents will be classified into that system; - some relevant training documents for each category of the category system.

During the operation, HITEC returns an ordered list of most relevant categories for unknown documents based on confidence values. The greater is this value HITEC deems the more relevant the corresponding category to the document. The returned list if documents can be further processed depending on the nature of classification problem. If perfect accuracy is required for the classification, an expert can accept, revise, or reject categories proposed by HITEC. If the accuracy of around 90\% having been experienced at tests is sufficient, then proposed categories can be accepted based upon their confidence value.

HITEC is programmed very efficiently, therefore its high performace comes with fast operation even on very large document collections. Once the training of HITEC has been done for a document collection, the operation phase is performed in real-time (see also test pages). It is able process hunderds of gigabytes in reasonable time (training phase) and work with thousands of categories on an average PC.

The software, techniques and algorithms presented here are the property of the developers and hence are protected by copyright law. Please turn to the developers if you intend to apply or utilize any product of this project in any possible manner.